El Mero Mero Taqueria

The concept of this restaurant was focused on creating an inviting, and animated environment where people can gather for an authentic Tortilleria experience. The space blends textures of stucco, concrete and natural mid- toned woods to deliver a warm, hand selected atmosphere. The intent of the open kitchen is to highlight the tortilla making machine and the identity of Mexican cuisine, thus creating a unique dining experience. A hand picked selection of tile originating from Mexico, distinctive patterns and bright colours calls attention to the tequila bar. While the soft leather and textured chairs bring a sense of comfort to the surrounding space. Finally, the use of hand painted crates, eclectic lighting, and vibrant colours throughout pays homage to the brand’s authentic Mexican roots. Guests also have the opportunity to purchase a snack or souvenir from the market which allows a part of the restaurant experience to be brought home. 


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